Introducing: Persimmon Tree

Introducing: Persimmon Tree

Something new... born right here at CITRINE.

Persimmon Tree, our new house line debuts Saturday, March 9th 2024 with a selection of limited edition + one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces created by our in-house crew. Small batch releases of housewares, art and more are planned throughout the year too!

Diving into Adia's personal collection of stones, our team worked together to create a series of designs that pay homage to her first jewelry collection with a fresh perspective.

Handmade jewelry is at the very heart of what we do. In fact, it's where this whole thing started.

CITRINE owner Adia began making bead + wire jewelry in 2008 while working in professional sales. She was traveling quite a bit and found that beading was a perfectly portable creative outlet, well suited to hotel hopping. After a day visiting clients, she would seek out jewelry supply shops in each town to pore over stones, chain and findings, hand-selecting the best strands. More and more often, nights + weekends were spent with a pair of pliers in hand, and a spread of stones and components in front of her.

Soon she was playing with metal + fire, forming the basis of her signature Rain City Forge (RCF) jewelry line. As RCF grew, so did her connections in the designer / maker world - leading to opportunities to show her work across the country at retail and wholesale shows, teach at Pratt Fine Art Center, create some really lovely custom pieces and work closely with the founders of Click! - all of which culminated in opening CITRINE.

This new line honors our roots while looking forward to what's next. We've come full circle with this collection of stone jewelry, and can't wait to share more with you as Persimmon Tree continues to grow.

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