Everything You Need to Know About Chilewich

Everything You Need to Know About Chilewich

The Chilewich collection is a crew favorite here at CITRINE, and for good reason. Made of durable, easy to clean materials, their rugs and tableware are dependable and easy to live with - and look great doing it!

Our favorite things about Chilewich:

  • Great feel & texture to them
  • No slip backing mats
  • SUPER easy to clean
  • Fresh color and pattern options
  • Innovative, long lasting material
  • No color fade from UV

Founded in NY, Made in the USA

Based on founder Sandy Chilewich’s inspiration of woven vinyl, she and her husband/business partner Joe Sultan established Chilewich in 2000.

During Sandy's time in the fashion industry in the late 90's, she came upon a version of woven vinyl that fascinated her. That fascination led to her experimenting with making place-mats out of the material. She saw a future for how this material could revolutionize and “redefine how the world dresses its tables and covers its floors” (Chilewich).

Joe worked on developing the slip resistant backings for their two rug series - leading to forever changing the reputation of rugs and tableware beyond that of an elegant addition to your home into something that is also dependable, modern, unique and easy to care for.

All Chilewich products are designed in their NYC studios and made completely in the USA at their factory in Chatsworth, Georgia.

p.s. fun fact: Chilewich is the second company founded by Sandy. In the 70's she founded HUE in her NYC apartment (yep, the accessories and tights line!). After selling HUE she decided to leave the fashion industry, switching her focus to building Chilewich with Joe!



A big part of Chilewich’s mission is sustainability - both for the Earth and the life of their products. Their floor mats and table mats can be cleaned with water (no harsh chemicals here) and wear beautifully for many years (a durable product with a long lifespan means less need for replacement), all while being made in the USA (a smaller carbon footprint!).

They also are phthalate and heavy metal free, replacing industry-standard petroleum-based plasticizers with at least 25% renewable vegetable compounds. The proprietary TerraStrand® material is an extruded yarn that contains antimicrobials within each strand to protect from stains, bacteria, mold and mildew! Every square yard of TerraStrand® saves 0.02 gallons of petroleum and 0.41 pounds of CO2 - saving the planet one Chilewich at a time!


Materials & Products

Chilewich’s product range includes woven rugs, shag rugs, and placemats + runners for tabletop.

Perfect for foyers, dining areas, bedrooms, living areas or the kitchen (especially in front of the sink), the Woven rug series will pull your space together and last a lifetime. With a low profile, flat woven front and a slip-resistant backing, these rugs stay put on tile and wood flooring and clear even the lowest of door swings. Standard sizes range from approx 2'x3' to 8'x10' with 2 sizes of runners that are particularly popular in kitchens and hallways. We can also have custom sizes and shapes made in most colors and patterns.


The Shag rugs are our go-to for entryways, patios and mudrooms - and are also great in the kitchens and bathroom. With a wide range of neutrals to pops of color, and solids to stripes, there's a Shag rug for every home and personality. The Utility size is our most popular by far, as it's the same width as a standard front door and slider. There's also one called Doormat which is a perfect size for a condo, apartment, coming in from the garage or a even bathmat. And of course, the Big Mats and Runners - which we've placed in many covered entryways and patios! We can also have custom sizes of Shag mats made - if you have a space that needs something *just-so*.


Also made from woven textiles, the place-mats and runners are great for both indoor and outdoor living. Use them inside to dress up your breakfast bar or outside while enjoying dinner on your patio! With options for shape, pattern and color there's a good chance we've got something perfect for your home. Bonus: they're super easy to clean and never need ironing.


While Chilewich's material has integrated antimicrobial properties, you'll want to do some regular cleaning and maintenance to make sure your investment pieces live happily for years to come.

The place-mats clean up beautifully with soap and water. Then, let them air dry thoroughly. It's best to take care of spills quickly to avoid any stubborn stains (from tomato or turmeric for example). For these types of spills, use a soft bristle brush and bleach based cleanser, rinse well and dry completely. You'll also want to avoid placing hot objects directly onto your mat - make sure to use a trivet for protection.

Woven floor mats can be vacuumed, steam mopped or shaken out. For an occasional deep cleaning, brushing with soap and water then hanging to dry will do the trick. It's a good idea to air out your rug every now and then to prevent any moisture from getting trapped underneath, which may cause discoloration of the floor or rug backing. Simply hang up for a day or so to let both the floor and rug breathe a bit then lay back down.

The Shag is just as easy to clean: vacuum, shake off or hose off, then hang to dry. Like the woven rug, occasionally airing out your shag mat is a good idea. Consider moving them around every once in a while to check underneath and make sure the surface they’re laying on has air to breathe.

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