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Cheers to Easy Cocktails

If you've been in the shop, you've probably noticed our love of glassware. Which goes hand in hand with our love of balanced, all-natural, simple to make beverages. Whether we're sipping on the patio over the weekend, the couch after a big day, or spending time with friends and family, you can count on one thing - cool, refreshing libations will be on hand for all to enjoy.

For super delicious cocktails in a snap, our bottled mixers are just the thing. Made in small batches with high quality, all-natural ingredients, each bottle contains 10+ servings. Simply measure your mixer and your liquor of choice, add ice, mix and voila! Drinks are ready!

They also make excellent mocktails. Try them with sparkling water for a refreshing, hydrating and not-too-sweet pick me up (the Hey Girl and Paloma are especially tasty as non-alcoholic spritzers).

Entertaining? Batch the entire bottle in a pitcher for quick + easy, tasty bevs for a crowd.

Pro-tip: add slices of fresh fruit, veggies and herbs for a picture perfect presentation. Think pink grapefruit + thyme with the Paloma, orange + jalapeno for the Margarita, and lime + cucumber with the Hey Girl.

Easy Cocktail Mixers CITRINE design shop Issaquah Gilman Village gift store

Our new dry mixers are another great option for all natural cocktails + mocktails. The pantry-friendly, liquid-free packaging is also perfectly packable.

Whether you're enjoying them at home or on the go, these dry mixes are well balanced and easy to enjoy.

Slip one into your suitcase and try something new on your beach, camping, or cross country trip. When you arrive at your destination, pick up some tiny bottles of liquor, some flat or sparkling water and mix away!

easy travel cocktail mixers CITRINE design shop Issaquah Gilman Village gift store

A good drink needs a worthy vessel - and we're loving the Glacier and Octopus tumblers for sipping everything from water to cocktails, beer and wine.

Made right here in the US from reclaimed glass, they're visually striking, with just enough color and a texture that feels great in the hand thanks to their sandblasted finish.

Clear cut glass rocks glass from CITRINE design shop Issaquah Gilman Village gift store

If you're looking to up your home bar game, our organic French syrups, gorgeous rocks glasses and laser cut wood coasters fit the bill. They also make lovely host gifts :).

The intricate, diamond-blade cut patterns and heft of these made-in-the-USA glasses are winning hearts all over town - along with the syrups which are equally at home in cocktails and mocktails, desserts, marinades and dressings.

And for a stylish way to protect your surfaces - take a peek at our wood coasters. Laser cut in Seattle by a local architect, they're available in organic and spiral designs. (p.s. there are also trivets!)

Etched Rocks glass


For more casual affairs, the Compass Star pint glasses and mod coasters are perfect.

With a jaunty, etched compass design, the glasses remind us not to take anything too seriously while the cork-backed, sandstone coasters add a fun pop of color to the table. The best thing about these coasters? They absorb condensation and are weighty enough to stay put (read: they won’t blow away on the patio or stick to the bottom of glasses)

Looking for more options? Check out our bar section to build your own collection and start sipping!

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